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        HIETC signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with CNPC and Hongjia Corporation

        作者:國際經合 日期:2020-07-24 10:43:06 點擊數:

            Based on the principle of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and common development", on July 21,HIETC and China National Petroleum Corporation Sixth Construction Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "CNPC Sixth Construction Company"), Myanmar Hongjia International Investment Co., Ltd. ("Myanmar Hongjia International Company") signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

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            Hu Dan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of HICC, Tang Zhihe, Executive Director and General Manager of CNPC Sixth Construction Company, Gao Yonghong, Secretary of the Party Branch of HIETC, Li Qiusheng, General Manager of Hubei Waterway Company, Xia Jia, General Manager of Myanmar Hongjia International Attended the signing ceremony with members of the leadership team of HIETC. Chen Tong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch and General Manager of HIETC presided over the signing ceremony.

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            At the signing ceremony, Hu Dan first gave a detailed introduction to HICC's development history, business composition, strategic planning of "one principal and two associates" and the development direction of the international economic cooperation company. He said that the tripartite cooperation is in line with the national "One Belt One Road" strategy and the new development concept of enterprises in the new era. He hopes that through future learning and exchanges with various enterprises, it can promote win-win cooperation, achieve complementary advantages and seek common development.

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            Tang Zhihe gave a detailed introduction to various petrochemical projects undertaken by his company. He said that the combination of the three companies will help stimulate the internal potential of the company, promote the in-depth extension of the company's value chain, and realize the "1+1>2" cooperation effect. I believe that as long as all parties are united, cooperate closely, seek the overall situation, and increase the stamina for the long-term, we will definitely be able to create a better future.

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            Xia Jia expressed that it is necessary to take this cooperation as an opportunity to learn from various central enterprises and state-owned enterprises to explore development models, implement the implementation of landing projects, and provide strong support for future friendly cooperation between the three parties.

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            Under the witness of all the participants, Chen Tong, Tang Zhihe and Xia Jia signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of the three companies.

            According to the agreement, the three parties will make full use of their respective advantages in the next step to carry out multi-modal project cooperation in Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries. At the same time, they promised to realize resource sharing at multiple levels, strengthen information exchanges, broaden cooperation platforms, and jointly provide personnel, technology and service support for cooperation projects, and promote the smooth implementation of cooperation projects. In the future, the three parties will establish an all-weather, all-round, and three-dimensional in-depth cooperation new strategic partnership from the height of the strategic layout, so as to achieve a strong alliance, mutual benefit and win-win.

             This cooperation signifies that HIETC, CNPC Sixth Construction Company and Myanmar Hongjia International Company have entered a new stage of development, writing a new chapter for the tripartite, and through resource sharing, expanding more areas of cooperation, deepening integration, and promoting the tripartite Sustainable development under the new situation.

            At the meeting, the participants also communicated on the Indonesian oil sands project and other related fields.


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