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        China(Hubei)-Myanmar Investment Cooperation Online Promotion Meeting Was Held

        作者:國際經合 日期:2021-01-29 15:59:11 點擊數:

        Facilitate Economic Recovery After The Epidemic,And Create A New Situation In

        China(Hubei)-Myanmar Cooperation-

        China(Hubei)-Myanmar Investment Cooperation Online Promotion Meeting Was Held

        In January 26 2021, China(Hubei)-Myanmar Investment Cooperation Online Promotion Meeting, co-sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar and the Department of Commerce of Hubei Provincial ,was hosted online by Myanmar Chinese Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, Myanmar Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Hubei Industrial Construction Group .Chen Hai,Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar;Tan Shufu, Economic and Commercial Counselor;Chen Huarong,Deputy Director of Department of Commerce of Hubei Province;Dan Xinlun, Director of Myanmar Investment and Company Administration and Jo Min Win,Chairman of Myanmar Federation of Industry and Commerce attended the meeting. Officials of relevant departments of Chinese and Myanmar government ,more than 300 representatives of Chinese and Myanmar enterprises attended the conference online at venues in China, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan and other places.

        Hubei-Myanmar Investment Cooperation Promotion Meeting Was Held(圖1)

               Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar Chen Hai said in his speech that China and Myanmar are connected by mountains and rivers .Their compatriots are deeply attached. At the beginning of last year, President Xi Jinping's historic visit to Myanmar pointed out the direction for the long-term development of bilateral relations. At the beginning of the new year, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Myanmar as the first stop of his first neighboring visit. He was also the first foreign minister to be invited to visit Myanmar after the general election in Myanmar. This fully reflects the high importance both sides attach to China-Myanmar relations. Looking back on the extremely extraordinary 2020, the world has experienced such a severe change that we never had before .Although the global economy has been hit by the epidemic,  China-Myanmar cooperation has shown strong resilience in adversity. The two governments have coordinated pratically the epidemic prevention and control . The people of the two countries are in the same boat and help each other, which fully embodies the spirit and connotation of a community with a shared future. Looking forward to 2021, China will implement the "14th Five-Year Plan" and Myanmar will start a new five-year government period. China is willing to strengthen policy alignment with Myanmar, exchange experience in governance, coordinate for promotion of anti-epidemic and commit to the cause of peace and development, so that China-Myanmar relations will be more vigorous in the new era and benefit the Myanmar people earlier.

              Hubei is the geographic center of China's economy. The provincial capital Wuhan is known as the "Nine Provinces Thoroughfare". It is the largest water, land and air transportation hub in the interior of China and a shipping center in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. In recent years, Hubei has vigorously created  three world-class industrial clusters of optoelectronic information, automobiles and parts, biomedicine and medical equipment and cultivated new development advantages. Well,these representative enterprises from Hubei Province are participating our meeting today. Hubei is the decisive place of China to win the battle against the epidemic. The heroic people of Hubei have also achieved the commendable "V-shaped" upward curve of economy in 2020 with their spirit of fearlessness and reluctance.It delivered a better-than-expected and precious heroic answer sheet in which the annual GDP recovered to 95% in the same period of the previous year.Today, both China and Myanmar are facing important issues of post-epidemic economic recovery.If the development experience , advanced technology and capital advantages of Hubei province can be combined with Myanmar’s rich labor resources and the superior geographical location adjacent to the vast market, it will provide assistance in building a new development pattern for the development of Myanmar and Hubei Province in which the domestic and international dual cycles are mutually reinforced. Cultivate new opportunities amidst crises and open new games amidst changes. Chinese Embassy in Myanmar will continue to provide strong support for the exchanges and cooperation between Hubei and Myanmar.

        Hubei-Myanmar Investment Cooperation Promotion Meeting Was Held(圖2)

               Director Dan Xinlun said that the friendship between China and Myanmar has a long history. China is Myanmar's largest trading partner and the most important source of investment. The two governments have reached important consensus on jointly building the "Belt and Road" and China-Myanmar Economic Corridor. In 2020, 15 countries including China and Myanmar signed the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement", which expanded the space for bilateral and regional cooperation and brought new opportunities. In recent years, Myanmar has successively promulgated policy documents such as the "Investment Law" and "Investment Promotion Plan" to improve the business environment. In the next five years, Myanmar will give priority to the development of industrial parks and special economic zones, digital economy, agriculture, animal husbandry, and renewable energy. The Myanmar side sincerely welcomes investors from China, especially Hubei, to invest in Myanmar. The Myanmar Investment and Company Administration will wholeheartedly provide services to investors.

        Hubei-Myanmar Investment Cooperation Promotion Meeting Was Held(圖3)

              Deputy Director Chen Huarong stated that in 2020, facing the huge challenge of the pneumonia epidemic, China and Myanmar will join hands to fight the epidemic and overcome the difficulties together, vividly interpreting the spirit of "China-Myanmar community with a shared future", which is also a pragmatic move of a friendly cooperation between Hubei and Myanmar. From January to November 2020, the total import and export volume between Hubei and Myanmar was US$190 million, 40% year-on-year increased. Myanmar is the country with the highest growth rate in the import and export trade with Hubei among ASEAN countries. Hubei has a long history, solid industrial foundation, and unique geographical advantage. It is the nation's railway, highway hub and communication center, and also an important link between the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the "Belt and Road". The economic and trade cooperation between Hubei and Myanmar is huge and promising. Standing at a new starting point of historical opportunities, I sincerely hope to work with Myanmar to plan a higher level of economic and trade cooperation for promote bilateral relations to a new level,for provide important support for the construction of a new dual-cycle development pattern, for contribute to the friendship between China and Myanmar,for inject positive energy into the reshaping of the global industrial chain supply chain.

        Hubei-Myanmar Investment Cooperation Promotion Meeting Was Held(圖4)

              On behalf of the Myanmar Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chairman Zuo Min Win welcomed Hubei enterprises to invest in Myanmar. On behalf of participating companies, Hu Dan, general manager of Hubei Industrial Construction, thanked the exchange platform for the business community of Hubei and Myanmar.

        Later, So Min Aung, deputy director of the Myanmar Investment and Company Administration, gave a detailed introduction to Myanmar's investment environment, preferential policies and key investment areas. The representatives of Myanmar enterprises and the head of the industry branch of the Myanmar Chinese Enterprise Chamber of Commerce respectively introduced the Yangon New Town, Mandalay Miuda Industrial Park, and the development cooperation potential of Myanmar in the fields of communications and agriculture. Representatives of enterprises from Hubei Province introduced Hubei's advantages in the fields of medicine, agriculture, automobile manufacturing, and communications. The participating companies actively exchanged views on investment and cooperation in Myanmar.

        Hubei-Myanmar Investment Cooperation Promotion Meeting Was Held(圖5)

               The guests and companies at the conference agreed that this online China Hubei-Myanmar Investment Cooperation Promotion Meeting is of great significance to accelerate the construction of a new dual-cycle development pattern, boost the economic recovery after the China-Myanmar epidemic, deepen cooperation in the areas of mutual complementarity and benefit the two peoples. Participants will make good use of this opportunity to further connect with key projects, industry opportunities, policies and regulations to implement the results of the meeting and open up a new situation in the cooperation between Hubei and Myanmar.


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